Leon’s Curriculum Vitae

Download the summary for a quick read, & the details if you’re interested in fine print like the versions & variants on software used.





LibreOffice Writer



Original (get your software here)

HTML (web) page




MS-Word Document (DOC)




Portable Document Format (PDF)




Rich Text Format (RTF)




What are all of these files for?

The Writer file is the original, & is also convenient for LibreOffice users. The HTML page can be simply viewed in your web browser (just click on it) but lacks some formatting. The DOC file can be read by MS-Office but loses a little formatting. The PDF file is printable on almost any system, & keeps all of the formatting. The RTF file can be read by word processors which make an effort to be compatible, but don’t quite make it. Apple’s “Pages 2” application from the iWork suite is one such.

File by file...

So... just want to read? Click on the HTML.

Just want to print? Click on the PDF.

Got a real office suite? Click on the Writer. Else download a real office suite for free, then click on the Writer.

Using MS-Office? Click on the DOC.

Using another word processor? Try the RTF file.

The details (appendix) file is for techies to read, & contains things like the exact versions of software used. Most people will be happy with (& more clearly understand) the initial summary.

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