Appendix: detailed lists

This complex section is intended for detail readers. If the buzzwords send you dizzy, copy this to a technical person.


Computer Languages


Computer Environments

Non-work undertakings


To provide prompt, polite & effective service in exchange for a steady & reasonable income, while diversifying & developing my skills.

If you have a question, feel free to ask it of me. Questions don’t hurt (well, not often) & can give me a hint about how you’re thinking. This can be a simple way to deal with odd little corners of our worlds, & to explore ways in which we can help each other.


Both business & personal references are available on specific request. Many referees are shy about having their details broadcast to the world, & even those who aren’t will “wear out” eventually. Please ask.

I can also call up various aspects of my work as a kind of reference, since much of it is public or has been published. I enjoy carrying out small pre-set tasks to demonstrate my utility in particular areas.