Leon Robert James Brooks

Condensed Curriculum Vitae


– PO Box 1362, AlbanyDC WA 6331
– 0409-655-359
– Leon B (at) CyberKnights.com.au (no spaces)


I’m writing computer articles, installing & maintaining individual systems (often servers based on Linux), & handing out individual training in specific software systems. I also maintain a few web sites & provide business-critical support for some small businesses.

I have a reasonably good grasp of Internet principles, to routinely build & deploy name, web & email servers, SQL databases, backup systems, etc, securely. This includes NAT, port-forwarding, Virtual Services & VPNs. In less-technical areas, I teach people to use fundamental tools like office suites, email & news programs, web browsers, graphics tools, sound, file managers etc.


I started as a technician with a West Perth microcomputer retail store in 1980, & have worked as a programmer, technician &/or tutor in a variety of situations since; examples:

I have worked as a purchasing officer for a steel fabrication firm, delivery driver, country postman, sound technician, disc jockey, farmhand, electrical installer, newsletter editor, bulldozer driver & auto mechanic. I am always willing to turn my hand to something new.



Thank you for taking the trouble to read this. If you have any time, please consider responding to provide feedback. If I can make my words more useful, good. If anything is unclear, or not specified, please ask.

Please consider employing me. I live in Albany, Western Australia & am willing to travel (for example, I’m in Melbourne as I write, after passing through Adelaide, & will visit Sydney on this trip, have worked in Broome, Hedland, Hobart, Cairns, Kalgoorlie, Brisbane, Albany, The Alice, Canberra, etc).

Cheers; Leon