You are soaking up time and resources

It takes many people reading the advertising rubbish which your computer is pushing out (without any invitation) in order to make one sale.

Say for example that it takes only ten seconds to read enough of each EMail to identify it as marketing, and delete it.

If you push out 1,000,000 pieces of advertising, that chews up 10,000,000 seconds, or 115 days (24x7), so for every three kinds of message you send, that’s about a year.

If you do that each day for 2½ years, you have used up a lifetime (in Singapore, Australia, Sweden or Canada), it only takes 2¼ years of this marketing to use up a lifetime in Saudi Arabia, Indonesia or Ukraine; 1¾ to use a lifetime in Sudan, Afghanistan or Liberia.

Now, choose a different way to earn your food, clothes and a home which does not use up other peoples’ lives.