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Here are a few of CyberKnights’ many happy customers.

Golden Light Photography

Golden Light Photography do professional wedding photography, child portraiture and other candid shots in a casual, down-to-earth photo-journalistic style. They are located in Perth's Northern Suburbs but travel can be arranged as necessary — even to other parts of Western Australia and in very special cases other states.

Golden Light edit and process their portraits (and landscapes) entirely using Open Source software, including The GIMP. They use Linux for their workstations, and also to handle DNS, email and web services.

V-Grip Pty Ltd

V-Grip have developed a range of novel, extremely strong and easy to use fasteners for sheet material.

V-Grip employ a Linux gateway, which also acts as a file server, DNS, email and (for their less busy sites) a webserver. They also use Open Source applications for web browsing, email and repairing damaged or doubtful documents and have reported a steep decline in virus attacks and spyware infestations as a consequence.

Callcott & Downey

Callcott & Downey do precision honing and machining of heavy equipment. They use Linux for gateway/firewall, email and file services, and a separate Linux server to run their LineOfBusiness applications. They have begun using more Open Source applications on the desktop, also reporting immediate and lasting benefits.

“A disgruntled ex-employee who was in charge of making sure we were Microsoft compliant turned us in to the Business Software Alliance,” [Ernie] Ball says. [...] “We were raided by armed Federal Marshals and completely shut down for a day. Then you have to swear you won't touch any data other than what is minimally necessary to run your business,” he says. “I don’t believe you should treat a customer that way.” [...] The company ended up paying a [USD]$90,000 settlement.

Ball [...] decided at that moment his company would become “Microsoft free.” According to Ball, “Everyone said we couldn’t do it. It took us about one year” [to convert to] a Linux-based network and UNIX mainframe.

“I haven’t had to buy XP, and I haven’t had to buy new computers.”

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