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CyberKnights supply Open Source products wherever possible, and particularly Free (Libré) Software distributed under the GPL - the Libré part is important due to the choices and power it brings, and the overheads (auditing etc) that it takes away.

The list of available products is extensive, we’ve included a few favourite highlights here to give you some idea of what is available. If you seek a much more exhaustive list, try FreshMeat, and here is a local list of the 2539 packages included with Mandriva Linux 2007.0. See also the Mandrake 10.0 version. Note that you can click through to individual package pages & pull down everything including source code if required.


We have a special on at the moment, which is a BGP-capable, VPN-capable ultra-low-maintenance router-style server in a half-wide half-deep 2RU format for AUD$1500+GST.

We have a new product, a game-console-based Thin Client workstation installed for around AUD$900+GST with a 17” flat screen depending on your precise configuration requirements.


Programs which run quietly on humming boxes in dark airconditioned rooms, but are seldom dealt with directly by users. Skip to applications or games.

Web Server

Apache (scripted with XSSI, PHP, Ruby, Python or PERL and secured with SSL/TLS) | Zope | Roxen | Tux (extreme performance)

Name Server

BIND (chrooted in high-security situations, back-endable to SQL and LDAP) | MaraDNS

Email Server

PostFix | SendMail (for the rare cases when PostFix is not enough) | Sympa (mailing lists)

Database Server

PostgreSQL | MySQL | Interbase | SAP DB

Directory Server

OpenLDAP | Kerberos

Proxy Cache

Squid | Socks (dante)

SMB/LANMAN File Services, WINS name services, etc


Remote Access

OpenSSH | sftp | DAV | VNC


Programs which users deal with directly to get work done. Skip to services or games.

Web Browser

Konqueror | Mozilla | SkipStone | Galeon | Amaya

Email Client

Kmail | Evolution | Mozilla

Chat/IRC/Instant Messenger/ICQ/etc

EveryBuddy | Xchat | Gabber | KVirc | LICQ | GAIM | BitchX | too many others to list

Office (Word Processor/Spreadsheet/Presentation)

Koffice | SIAG Office | StarOffice/ | Scribus | AbiWord | Gnumeric

Graphic Design

The GIMP | Sketch | QCAD | Dia | GIRAM | Vertex | Kontour

Website editing

Screem | BlueFish | Quanta+

Multimedia Editing (Video and Sound, 3D)

Broadcast2000 | XMMS | xanim | Blender | notLame | Glame | Audacity | ProTux | TiMIDIty++ | Jahshaka | Xine | XMorph | Ogg Vorbis (includes streaming)

Vertical Market

Specialised applications from a wide range of fields such as chemistry, accounting, electronics, whatever.

Clarrhmos (myiocardial electrophysiology) | CTSim (tomography) | EVBM (68HC11 microcontroller development and emulation) | Grany-3 (cellular automaton) | () | () | ()


Mostly just for fun, some brain-bender puzzles, some educational, some for-real simulators. Skip to services or applications.


xkobo | BZFlag | KJezz | Pingus | Chromium BSU | IceBreaker | Frozen Bubble | Maelstrom | GL-117 (flight sim) | XMAME (multiple arcade machine emulator) | Penguin Command | Super Methane Brothers | Marbles | TuxRacer | Squareoid | GTali


PySol | Atomic Entertainment | Sokoban | SameGnome | 7Colors | Abalone | Emilia (3D pinball)

Simulators (`real-life' games)

FlightGear (piloting) | AirTraffic (AT controller) | OpenUniverse (solar system) | Celestia (space) | SailAway (solar sailers) | Search And Rescue | Snow Path

Role Playing (and semi-simulators)

FreeCiv | Arianne | Deity RPG | Networked Role Playing (ie paper-and-dice roleplaying at a distance) | OpenRPG | many, many, many others

Linux, along with Solaris, also came out ahead of Windows in terms of administration costs, despite the fact that it’s less expensive to hire Windows system administrators. The average Windows administrator in the study earned [USD]$68,500 a year, while Linux sys admins took home [USD]$71,400, and those with Solaris skills were paid [USD]$85,844. The Windows technicians, however, only managed an average of 10 machines each, while Linux or Solaris admins can generally handle several times that. — CIO Update, summarising a Robert Frances Group report

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