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Payment for Perusal

Email-Perusal payments!

Examination of enquiries with regard to payment for routine perusals is carried out at no charge, unless the email is not obviously a bona fide attempt to clarify or resolve an adminstrative detail directly applicable to settling a perusal account, in which case our standard perusal fee of USD$1000.00 per email, payable in advance, applies.

If you have an enquiry which is not covered by the information on this web page, we reserve the right to include or quote portions of your enquiry on this web page for the information of other users of our services.

We have the following payment methods available:

PayPal direct

Click this button and follow instructions to pre-pay an email perusal, and paste your unique email address obtained from the referring page into the reference field:

Include your credit card details in the email

Since perusal is flat-rate per email, adding information to an email incurs no additional fees. Remember to include the following details:

Since email is unencrypted, we recommend that you use the following option in preference. There is no additional processing fee for successful payments using these methods.

Send your card details using a secure form

Name of purchaser:
Postal address if printed receipt required:

Email if emailed receipt required:
Reference email or invoice number:
Amount (USD$1000 per email):
Card type:
Full card number:
Confirmation number, if available:
Expiry date as it appears on card:
Click when done to send:

If your browser complains that the security certificate is not from a recognised Certification Authority (CA), tell it to go ahead anyway.

Inexact Payment Values

Where the amount undergoes a currency conversion, the value actually drawn from the credit card may differ slightly from the amount specified. CyberKnights endeavours to predict financial trends where possible so that any variation results in a lower fee charged rather than a higher, but cannot warrant that this is will always be so in practice as currency value variations are not within CyberKnights' control.

Security Policy

Credit card details are discarded after payment has been executed. This website is hosted on a secure and regularly updated Linux-based webserver, which in the course of normal operation is a reasonably solid guarantee of the security of information passing through it. However, CyberKnights does warrant the security of information submitted to any on-line service, and information submitted here is provided at the submitter's risk.

Thank you for your custom.

At the film company DreamWorks, Ed Leonard has ported the entire graphics animation department to Linux; Shrek was created on a “renderfarm” (a powerful, refrigerator-size rack of servers) that had 800 processors running Linux. Leonard took the money he saved by not having maintenance contracts and used it to buy far more inexpensive Linux PCs. He says the money he has saved will allow DreamWorks to replace desktops and the renderfarm every two years instead of every five. — Scott Berinato

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