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Motium Special Deal

CyberKnights are running a special deal on pre-installed Motium HRS-200 2RU/4 "router" boxes or small form factor "network appliance" boxes.

In the no-moving-parts "appliance" format, a complete system with 256MB of RAM and 256MB of flash, pre-installed as either a router, server or bastion is available for just AUD$1500+GST within the Perth metropolitan area. In the rack format, with a choice of 512MB flash or 40GB hard disk and configured with a full web server, SQL server, domain name server and secure file access, the special price is AUD$2000+GST.

Software Options

There are three basic configurations covered by the special pricing, but more extensive or unusual configurations can be negotiated.


In a Router configuration, the CyberKnights/Motium system effectively replaces Cisco routers in the AUD$6-20,000 range.

Thumbnail of Motium appliance box The configuration includes BGP dynamic routing support and secure remote management access, along with a comprehensive suite of network diagnostic tools. The system can also export logging and statistical information.


In a Server configuration, the CyberKnights/Motium system provides a comprehensive system for dealing with normal Internet services. For services involving a significant amount of dynamic information, such as databases, file servers and email, CyberKnights recommends the hard disk storage option despite the slightly lower reliability statistics, and if extreme reliability is important, recommends the rack offering with an additional hard drive and software RAID.

Thumbnail of Motium 2RU/4 rack box Typical server configurations include webserver, email server, file server or some combination of these. As shipped, CyberKnights/Motium servers have no seat, instance, CPU or bandwidth licencing restrictions and typically have enough capacity to survive all the traffic that a 2 megabit link can throw at them (dependent upong the complexity of the applications they're running, of course).

Servers can also be configured to provide "spam" filtering, virus scanning and similar services, possibly with an extra cost dependent upon the software chosen.


A bastion box will typically provide VPN interfaces, firewalling, filtering, proxying (web, H.323 telephony, Socks and the like). A hard disk version might also provide email services and an intranet.

Bastion boxes are intended to live on the edges of LANs or DMZs.

Hardware configurations

Motium's servers are available in a variety of configurations, of which CyberKnights usually ships a version with two 10/100 Ethernet ports, 4 USB-2 ports, serial, parallel, sound, VGA and 2 x PS/2 ports. This permits their use for remote monitoring (of serial data, audio or video (via USB), digital inputs via parport or USB) and control as well as the more mundane tasks listed above. They are also available with a power supply capable of dealing with automotive electrical environments.

Storage options include RAM from 128MB to 1024MB (256MB by default), Flash from 128MB to 1024MB, and robust hard disk in 20, 40 or 60GB units. Multiple disks may be configured as software RAID arrays. CD drives and burners can be added to the rack units. Processor options include 533 or 667MHz fanless, 800 or 1000MHz fan cooled. I/O mixtures can include up to 4 RS-232 (serial) ports; the rack unit also sports a PCI expansion slot (which can be used for up to 4 additional Ethernet ports or a Gigabit interface).

Contact us to arrange your system or discuss your unique requirements.


They also assume an economic liability of $5 or software price, unless forced by some applicable law.

Is this the kind of customer support that makes proprietary software a better choice for business use? — nicke on LWN

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