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Instant AntiVirus (v0.2)


You will require:


Install PostFix if it isn't already: urpmi postfix

Install Sophos as per the instructions that come with it. As at now, that means unpack the file and run ./ in the resulting sav-install directory. Note that by default it installs the binaries in /usr/local/bin.

Explode the packages from the archive (note, this command unpacks them in the current directory): tar xvjf AMaViS-Mandrake-9.1.tar.bz2

Install the packages (this assumes that the packages are the only ones in the current directory): urpmi *.rpm

Make the directory /var/run/amavis: mkdir /var/run/amavis

Edit AMaViS' config file /etc/amavis/amavis.conf and make the following changes:

Save your changes and exit.

Start AMaViS by hand: amavis; if this starts without error and leaves you wondering what to do next, type a Ctrl-Z and bg to set it to waiting in the background. We'll come back presently and make that permanent.

In the /etc/postfix directory edit the following files:

Append a line to saying: content_filter = smtp:[]:10025, which tells PostFix to shove all incoming mail through the content filter listening on port 10025 (our AMaViS-NG daemon).

Append a line to saying: localhost:10026 inet n - n - - smtpd -o content_filter=, which tells PostFix to listen on port 10026 for the returning emails and process them without first running them through any content filter.

Restart PostFix to make sure it is running and has picked up your changes: service postfix restart

Check in /var/log/mail/errors to make sure you didn't break anything.

Send some email through the system and see if it comes out scanned.

Set amavis to run on startup. The simplest way is to append a line to the /etc/rc.d/rc.local file saying: /usr/bin/amavis &>/dev/null & but you may prefer to use an init script and daemoniser wrapper. It's nicer and gives you a visual report on startup. Copy the script to /etc/init.d/ and mark it executable. Copy the wrapper to /usr/bin/ and mark it executable. Do chkconfig --add amavis so it will start automagically, or service amavis start to start it now, if your amavis process from above is not still running.

Leon's Virus Rant

News sites speak of "Computer Viruses", but they're not. They are only Microsoft Windows viruses. Linux has only a handful, and they're all obsolete. Mac has two handsful. MS-Windows has tens of thousands of the suckers.

If you do want to run MS-Windows but don't want to run a virus scanner, here are some tips which will help to defer your own personal day of reckoning:

There is something a little bit surreal about sitting in a meeting of the Jamaica Linux Users Group (JaLUG), in a cafe beside a waterfall — with Linus, Ted, Eric and other luminaries in the front of the room and an attentive audience filling the rest of the space — while a veteran local IBM executive stands up and describes the adoption of Linux by the company’s customers with adjectives like “huge”. — Doc Searles

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