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Local services

CyberKnights are big supporters of the idea of using local services wherever possible. Here are some of the service providers we’ve used and found to be good.


We use and recommend ArachNet because they are big enough to survive but small enough to care and customise. Their broadband plans were highly competitive (before AmCom bought that division out, and AmCom do a pretty reasonable job themselves) and they also offer high quality and economical colocation services.

Our second choices would be WestNet for service (but join them through LinuxIT for even better service and support) or SwifTel (now consumed by PeopleTelecom) for reliability.

Computer Equipment

We use and recommend PLE in Wangara [map] or NetPlus in Osborne Park for retail-level computer gear.


Kowald Automotive of 11 Lance Street, Milpara have done a competent job of repairing every vehicle that the owners, staff and their families have presented them with. ’Phone them on (08) 9841 5041. [map]

When you think about it, and put a business hat on, the idea that Linux could start as this little hobby project that would in the course of less than a decade become this extremely popular piece of software that people would bet on for mission critical applications. . . how did that happen? Nobody is in charge of it. Nobody owns it. It’s not controlled by a corporation. It fundamentally depends on cooperation and collaboration. . . . It’s an amazing model of how to get stuff done. — Mitch Kapor, founder of Lotus

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